The ‘Arctic Methane Emergency’ appears canceled due to methane eating bacteria

Watts Up With That?

Many readers know that we’ve covered the supposed “ticking time bomb” of methane that is supposedly going to be released somewhere, somehow, either from methane clathrates on the sea floor due to ocean warming, or from melting permafrost. Due to methane having a greater GHG warming factor,  a potential of 34 times that of CO2 over 100 years, there’s a perceived threat so great, that there’s a collection of scientists that have formed the Arctic Methane Emergency Group.

They made this King Canute style press release last year, where they called for a “rapid refreezing of the Arctic to halt runaway melting”, as if somehow we’ll just put a halt to those processes with a wave of the hand:


TIME: Thursday, December 4, 2014, 12:00-12:30 PM

SUBJECT: Arctic meltdown: a catastrophic threat to our survival
AMEG calls for rapid refreezing of the Arctic to halt…

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Californian solar is much more reliable than German solar

Probably related to how little sun there is in Germany compared to California, especially northern Germany:


Carbon Counter

I explained yesterday that Germany is never going to run on solar power for the simple reason that it is too far north and too cloudy. Winter is simply too much of a problem for high latitude countries to get very far with solar power.

Things, of course, are a lot different in sunnier southern locations. So let’s compare Germany with California.

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Hudson Bay ice update – researchers awfully quiet about what polar bears are doing


This year 225 thousand km2 of sea ice remained on Hudson Bay at 10 August compared to 96 thousand km2 in 2009, the last late breakup year for which there are detailed ice maps and polar bear data.

Hudson Bay breakup Aug 10 2015_CIS

In 2009, most Western Hudson Bay polar bears were onshore by 22 August, just after the very last remnants of ice disappeared (see map below). This year? The remaining ice is further east, in Southern Hudson Bay territory.  Last report from a few weeks ago showed some Southern Hudson Bay bears came ashore early but past behavior suggests some bears will wait until the bitter end before they come ashore – until the very last remnants of ice disappear (Cherry et al. 2013).

Western Hudson Bay bears are unlikely to be quite as late onshore this year as they were in 2009 because of the way the ice melted, discussed here,

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Considerations About Recent Predictions Of Impending Shortages Of Petroleum Evaluated From The Perspective Of Modern Petroleum Science

J. F. Kenney

Joint Institute of the Physics of the Earth

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow;

Gas Resources Corporation, Houston.

ABSTRACT: For almost a century, various predictions have been made that the human race was imminently going to run out of available petroleum. The passing of time has proven all those predictions to have been utterly wrong. It is p ointed out here how all such predictions have depended fundamentally upon an archaic hypothesis from the 18th century that petroleum somehow (miraculously) evolved from biological detritus, and was accordingly limited in abundance. That hypothesis has been replaced during the past forty years by the modern Russian-Ukrainian theory of abyssal, abiotic petroleum origins which has established that petroleum is a primordial material erupted from great depth. Therefore, petroleum abundances are limited by little more than the quantities of its constituents as were incorporated into the Earth at the time of its formation; and its availability depends upon technological development and exploration competence. Continue reading Considerations About Recent Predictions Of Impending Shortages Of Petroleum Evaluated From The Perspective Of Modern Petroleum Science

The Carbon Isotope Ratio Nonsense

An Example of the Little-Moron Logic & Mendacity of BOOP:

The Carbon Isotope Ratio Nonsense.


  1. F. Kenney

Gas Resources Corporation


According to the program, I am supposed to explain the spontaneous generation of natural petroleum in 15(!) minutes.  This subject is one which involves, in detail, the statistical mechanics of chemical thermodynamic stability theory.  Fifteen minutes would be inadequate to give even an introduction to the subject.

For the moment, please understand first that the unnecessary and misleading adjective “abiotic” should be dropped as a modifier of the term natural petroleum.  Natural petroleum is generated spontaneously only at high pressures.  The high pressures necessary for the generation of petroleum occur at depths in the Earth where the temperatures are sufficiently  high that any biological molecule would have thoroughly decomposed at a much shallower depth.

Many misguided persons have attempted during the past 75 years to demonstrate in laboratories a spontaneous generation of petroleum from biological detritus.  All such attempts have failed utterly, – although many have been fraudulently misreported. Continue reading The Carbon Isotope Ratio Nonsense

Dismissal of the Claims of a Biological Connection for Natural Petroleum

  1. F. KENNEY

Joint Institute of The Physics of the Earth – Russian Academy of Sciences

Gas Resources Corporation, 11811 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060, U.S.A.


National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Vladimirskaya Street 56, 252.601 Kiev, UKRAINE


Institute of Geological Sciences

  1. Gonchara Street 55-B, 01054 Kiev, UKRAINE
  2. K. KARPOV

Institute of Geochemistry – Russian Academy of Sciences

Favorskii Street 1a, 664.033 Irkutsk,  RUSSIA


Russian State University of Oil and Gas

Leninskii Prospect 65, 117.917 Moscow, RUSSIA


National Petroleum Company of Tatarstan (TatNeft S.A.)

Butlerov Street 45-54, 423.020 Kazan, Tatarstan,  RUSSIA


  1. Introduction.

          With recognition that the laws of thermodynamics prohibit spontaneous evolution of liquid hydrocarbons in the regime of temperature and pressure characteristic of the crust of the Earth, one should not expect there to exist legitimate scientific evidence that might suggest that such could occur.  Indeed, and correctly, there exists no such evidence.

Nonetheless, and surprisingly, there continue to be often promulgated diverse claims purporting to constitute “evidence” that natural petroleum somehow evolves (miraculously) from biological matter.  In this short article, such claims are briefly subjected to scientific scrutiny, demonstrated to be without merit, and dismissed.
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