Are Higher Levels of Carbon Dioxide Actually Having a Slight Cooling Effect on our Planet ?


The UK science establishment ( despite evidence like the CERN cloud experiment ( based on a 1995 theory by Svensmark ) and the research to prove it put off for years, plus Roy Spencer and NASA proving that the earth radiates far more heat to space than expected ) still clings to the run away man made global warming religion in the hope that the sceptics will go away when new evidence to the contrary is published weekly.  It is now even suggested that Co2 is not a greenhouse gas at all and can be proved applying Newton’s second law of thermodynamics, and some bloke in the earlier 20th century proved it, of course the eco-fascist leaning BBC is not reporting it and SKY is in bed with a match funding deal for WWF advertising their free range tiger farming, ( as if tigers are endangered, there are more breeding…

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