Want skyrocketing power prices? Just add Wind Power


electricity-price-rise Add wind power – and the only way is UP.

With the Coalition’s review of the insanely expensive and utterly ineffective Renewable Energy Target (ineffective if the object was meant to be reducing CO2 emissions in the electricity sector) headed up by a team of hard-nosed economic rationalists, ready to take an axe to most ludicrous energy policy ever devised, the wind industry and its parasites have been spinning tall tales about the wonders of wind power with an earnestness not seen before.

They’ve recently trotted out “studies” by their pet consultants – like Schneider Electric and SKM that have made $millions working for wind power developers and stand to lose out on much, much more if the RET is scaled back or scrapped – making the usual wild and unsubstantiated claims about the thousands of “green” jobs that the wind industry has generated (try a few hundred, Australia wide…

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