amazing Twitter

I joined Twitter over a year ago and I had no idea what I was missing out on. It’s a lot of fun. It does take time to get used to though.

I wish I realised when I joined that a long handle was awkward, due to the limitation in characters (140).  No matter though, as I changed my handle from @CarbonFooledYa to @cbfool.

Another thing I didn’t realise is that if I make a tweet starting with a handle, e.g. @XXX, it doesn’t appear in others Twitter feed unless you preface it with a dot or other punctuation or make the @handle after some other words.

I highly recommend reading up on exactly how Twitter works before joining, like I didn’t.  Another frustrating thing is that there are various ways people can block you and these mechanisms aren’t all clear to me, even at this stage — you don’t always know when you are blocked.

But despite the limitations it’s cool to use and keeps me up to date much more quickly to the stuff I like to follow.


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